Our team of detailing enthusiast ensure your car is thoroughly decontaminated, cleaned, dressed, and protected with only the best and longest lasting products on the market.


Window Tinting

Having Tints on your car isn't just about looks. We ensure that with out ceramic tints we keep the heat, UV rays, and prying eyes out of your vehicle. Not to mention we care about your phone coverage.


Ceramic Coating

Your paint is the first sight to be seen. It's only natural to want to protect it. With Ceramic Coating you can keep your car preserved in it's polished state, for years to come


 Vinyl Wrapping

Not only is the product durable and removable when applied properly, it will protect your original finish in all conditions, including the nasty salty/sandy/icey Canadian winters.


Paint Correction

Scratches, swirls, and oxidization become more prominent due to daily use.  

This is why we are proud to provide professional paint correction.


Paint Protection Film

Protecting original paint is a top priority for us as detailers. PPF is a virtually invisible urethane film that protects your vehicle’s paint from unsightly damage and maximizes re-sale value.

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