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Spade Auto and it’s highly trained, certified and experienced professionals strive to make the wild or subtle visions for your vehicle come to fruition. Whether it a mirror finish of your paint, extreme ease of cleaning, colour changing, or you just want to keep the UVs and heat out! Spade has an extensive list of services for a broad range of industries. Spade’s services are, but are not limited to:

About Us

Paint Correction

Scratches, swirls, spiderwebbing, water or acid rain etching, buffer marks or hazing? With Spade’s trained and experienced paint you can trust that regardless of it being a car, truck, or even a boat! Spade will have your vehicle back to you like you bought it for the first time, most times even better!

Ceramic Coating

Paint correction is a timely process and the environment and regular washes can remark or swirl a corrected vehicle rather quickly when it hasn’t been ceramic coated and protected. Coatings make the surface easier to wash and keep clean, eliminate the need for wax, hydrophobic so water beads off, stronger resistance to bug, sap, and rain etching, increases the overall value, and offers durable protection for years to come.


Vinyl Wrap

At Spade the experience shared is broad with many full and custom wraps. Spade’s experience is not limited to only wrapping vehicles. Along with vehicles wrapping can be done on trucks, vans, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and equipment. Whether it a car or a fridge, Spade pays the utmost detail to attention on every project.


Paint Protection Film (Chip Guard)

At Spade your vehicle is treated like its at a day spa, but at this spa, we offer the entire suite of services, including hardcore protection. Debris and hazards strike cars at the most random moment, and with paint protection films, you can have the peace of mind that your paint will be in pristine condition no matter the condition. Spade will use only the very best clear bras on the market (XPEL and 3M) to help you protect the most vulnerable parts or your whole entire vehicle. Ask about full vehicle wraps! Windows Tinting Spade uses the best tint films on the market and precise application procedures to ensure clients a long-lasting tint. All of our tints include a lifetime warranty.


Auto Detailing

Car detailing can be a hit and miss, but not at Spade. We understand the importance of proper detailing techniques. We deal with detailing on a normal day to day basis, since detail work is always done before applying paint protection, vinyl, or ceramic to ensure quality results.


Sliplo Universal Skid Guard

You know that awful feeling of grinding the under side of your bumper when pulling in and out of those sharp angled driveways – those horrible things that are cunningly designed to scrape and scratch your bumpers shiny factory paint! If you want to make sure your high-end or lowered car stays protected from those steep sharp driveways – you know, those nasty scratches, gouges, and scrapes that mess up the appearance of your car – then you need to know about SLIPLO universal skid guard.